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To inspire a movement of creative communities that dream and enable stories of re-creation, advancing the good of people and planet.
  • To inspire a movement of creative communities
  • To dream and enable stories of re-creation
  • To advance the good of people and planet.
Core Values
Artistry – Aesthetic capability is a gift that speaks to the innermost parts of a person, resonating what is true and good and beautiful. Like a deep breath of fresh air, the nurturing capacity of the artful expression is valuable to invigorate meaningful life and is worthy of attention in and of itself, without any additional agenda. The artful expression is always a thing of excellence—something done so wonderfully that it makes the viewer and participant want to produce the same kind of beauty in our own day, in our own community and in the world at large. Becoming – Creativity is a foundational characteristic of being human, and it persistently works on us to make its way into our life and vocation. Whether one is a musician, a writer, a full-time mom, a doctor, a teacher, an entrepreneur or a CEO, the more we exercise the muscles of creativity, the more fully human we become. Likewise, as we discover new avenues of creative expression, we discover a more meaningful life. True North – Recognizing Jesus as the Author, Sustainer and Restorer of life, our understanding of self, creativity, community and the world we share flows out from that reality. We want to care about the things that Jesus cares about and to exercise creativity through expressions of love for God, love for others and care for the world He has made. Simply put, we find motivation to create because God has shown us His love and grace through both creation and re-creation. Likewise, when we exercise our creative muscles, the creative expression itself points back to Him through the reflection of His own character, whether or not the expression mentions His name or makes use of culturally “Christian” language or symbols. Community – Living in community requires a respectful, honest and meaningful interaction. It’s where we learn from others and the most effective way to discover who we truly are. Therefore, we believe in holistic, integrated, community development that seeks the good of both people and place. Positive transformation of communities is a natural outcome of creativity at work in local communities. We draw inspiration from the broader communities of Orlando as well as from Art House communities and desire the health and integration of both.
Art House Orlando was established in 2012 growing out of multiple dreams converging in a single time and place. Rolling back the clock twenty years, Vernon Rainwater (AHO Committee Member and True North Founder) was talking with Charlie Peacock and Andi Ashworth about their Art House concept in Nashville. More recently, others in Dallas and St. Paul were likewise inspired to develop Art Houses in their own communities with a unique, local flavor under Charlie and Andi’s leadership. Ray Scott (AHO Committee Chair) was drafting similar ideas for Central Florida and in 2011 the True North Foundation elevated the idea with practical inquires to the Art House America network. A number of local artists, professionals and business leaders in Central Florida began dreaming their own similar aspirations, embracing the idea of a creative hub for the benefit of the city. These began to meet one another. In February 2012 a handful of Orlando creatives arrived in St. Paul for the inaugural event at Art House North, a catalytic moment for accelerating the Orlando idea. During the Spring and Summer of 2012, an initial committee began to meet, pray and design a framework for how Art House Orlando might look. A date for the inaugural event was set for November 30, 2012. While AHO functions independent of the Art House America network, AHO is pleased to operate with the blessing and encouragement of Art House America and is born of the same DNA with a heart for inspiring a movement of creative communities that enable stories of recreation and advance the good of people and planet. Art House Orlando seeks the benefit of the city through creative community, collaborating with existing organizations and local artists to serve as a creative hub for connection, inspiration, encouragement, mentoring and restoration.

Vernon Rainwater


Vernon Rainwater loves his family, coffee, music and church.  Since 1990 he has been a pastor at Northland Church in Orlando, FL, serving in the areas of Worship and Service. Vernon serves as the liturgist for Northland and also leads a missions program that links with 35 ministries around the world. Twenty years ago Vernon created the True North Foundation, which emphasizes the return of the church to be the primary patron of the arts.  Vernon holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Social Work, as well as a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies.  He and his wife Connie have been married 39 years and love their growing family.


Ray Scott

Chairman of the Board

Ray Scott serves as President and CEO of the SAID (Scott Partnership Architecture & Interior Design). Ray has worked with more than 40 companies in the design and construction field and has served as state presidents for AIA and SMPS. He earned his degree at LSU and attended the Harvard School of Design.  Ray also serves as elder at Northland, A Church Distributed, board member for True North Foundation and is temporary Board Chair for Art House Orlando. Ray is and is a champion of the arts. Ray and his wife are proud parents of five children.


Rachael Celinski

Executive Director

Rachael Celinski serves as Executive Director and lead Graphic Artist for Art House Orlando. Involved in the Orlando arts community since she was five, Rachael has a passion for collaborating with people in creative communities to make a difference in the world. For the past seven years, Rachael has served as adjunct faculty at Valencia College teaching Graphic Design. Rachael’s passions include fashion, traveling, snowskiing and stopping by Anthropologie for a little creative inspiration. She and her husband, Matt, love spending time with their 3-year old daughter, Stella, and their family and friends.


Melody Olson

Program Director

Melody Olson is a singer, songwriter and worship leader. She lends her voice to a variety of local projects and is background vocalist for St. Paul-based artist Sara Groves. Melody’s own music focuses on hopes and questions regarding faith and love. She enjoys developing connections with artists and has a passion for serving the local community through artistic expression. Melody also loves her chocolate lab puppy, laughing a lot and having good conversations with close friends.


Eric Champion

Committee Member

Eric Champion has served on staff with Full Sail University for more than ten years. Recognized as one of the pioneers of mid 90’s Christian pop and modern rock, Eric has recorded numerous albums, co-written with some of the music industry’s top names and is noted as a formative voice with projects like Transformation which broke the contemporary mold. He and his wife are the proud parents of three daughters. Eric continues to be involved with creative projects based in Orlando.


Anne Hemmert

Committee Member

Anne Hemmert serves as Orlando Office Manager for First National Oil Brokers. Anne also serves on the boards of True North Foundation, Orangewood Christian School Parent Teacher Fellowship and is the High School Coordinator for Orangewood Christian School. Anne graduated from the University of South Florida, Tampa, with a degree in Sociology. She and her husband Andy have two sons. Anne believes that celebrating art provides unique opportunities for bringing the community closer to our Creator and is excited to see the expressions of faith that Art House Orlando will foster.


Scotty Alderman

Committee Member

Scotty Alderman is a musician and Pastoral Care Minister at Northland, A Church Distributed. He is currently pursuing a degree in counseling and Florida licensure. Scotty recently co-produced an album with fellow artist Pete Geiger and is a member of local band, The Friendly People Union. Scotty and his wife Kristen have four kids. Scotty is energized by the creative movement forming in Orlando and believes in seeking the welfare of the city through creative community.


Marc McMurrin

Committee Member

Marc McMurrin is the Executive Director of Operations at Northland, A Church Distributed and board member of the True North Foundation. Marc draws from a wealth of successful business experience and a rich background in the arts including managing the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in Kiev, Ukraine. Over the past decade, Marc and his wife Sharilyn have been strong supporters of the fine and performing arts in Central Florida. Marc is passionate for Art House Orlando to serve as a catalyst for community, mentorship and creative expression.


Katie Wilcoxson

Committee Member

Katie Wilcoxson is a professional vocalist with a diverse portfolio. She often serves as a session singer in recording projects for companies such as Disney, DreamWorks, Sea World, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Integrity Music and other high profile clients. Katie’s voice has been featured on NBC, CBS, and TBN, as well as in three Walt Disney World record releases. Katie has a heart for serving the local community and also travels with various Christian ministries around the world as a worship leader.


Ted Haddock

Committee Member

Ted Haddock serves as Executive Director for The Haddock Family Foundation. Ted has engaged places of significant need through documentary photography and visual communications for the past 15 years. For the past decade he served as Director of Photography for a Washington, DC-based international human rights organization, rescuing victims of slavery and human trafficking among other forms of violent oppression. Prior to his work in DC, Ted served as Editorial Assistant at Magnum Photo Agency in New York. He received his BA from Furman University and his MFA in photography from Indiana University. Having personally witnessed the worst of the human condition and some of the most beautiful miracles of renewal, Ted is motivated by the inherent beauty and dignity of the individual and aims to honor those in need by going into dark places in order listen, to learn and to bring lasting change on both personal and systemic levels.


Kellie Haddock

Committee Member

Kellie Haddock is a singer, songwriter and full-time mom. Kellie’s music draws from personal, real-life stories of beauty, tragedy, restoration and the celebration of life. She is a sought-after speaker with a heart to serve the marginalized and those who have suffered great loss. Re-creation, stewarding creative gifts and the art of becoming who we were made to be are significant themes in her work and a desire of hers for the work of Art House Orlando.


Pete Geiger

Committee Member

Pete Geiger’s passions for worship, music and theology inform all of his responsibilities as a worship minister at Northland, A Church Distributed. A graduate of James Madison University in Virginia, Pete earned a bachelor’s degree in music before moving to Florida in 2002 with his wife, Lauren, to obtain his associate’s degree in recording arts from Full Sail University. While at Full Sail, Pete began interning at Northland, where God gradually redirected his plans for a Nashville career to his current full-time role in church ministry. At present, Pete is also pursuing a master’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary and is focusing his studies on the theology of worship. In November 2012, Pete released his first album, Hallowed Ground, a collection of 10 songs that represent his personal journey to “discover what it means to worship in view of God’s mercy, a force that throws open the doors to wonder and hope.” Pete and Lauren have two sons and reside in Altamonte Springs.